Safe Accounting keeps track of all your revenues and expenditures. We stress on utilizing each receipt and document used in your business operations which could help to generate profit and reduce extra tax. Unlike others we have a formal controlling procedure which ensure the reliability of our bookkeeping system. Our team of skilled accountants serves the best in industry.

We always prioritize our client’s profit as our success. Our team of expertise work hard to achieve our clients goals in term of accounting and finance. We make sure that the client gets rightful profit out of business. We report sales tax/value added tax on behalf of our clients to the tax authorities in Norway. The values are reconciled on each reporting term basis and controlled after each quarter.

Our trained accountants are expertise in the area of financial reporting. Our book keeping is summarize on monthly basis in one single & complete financial summary which is send to our clients on regularly basis. This does not only help our clients to know the values of revenues, salaries and expenditures of their company but they can also make comparison with the results from last year. This whole process gives us competitive edge in the market.