Yearend Intakes

Norwegian regulatory laws regarding accounting and taxation require yearend reports once per year from all business entities within the country. All business transactions and statements are summed up to present a financial picture of business to the state authorities.

Our company provides year end reporting service for all of our clients in which financial reporting to the government is made on the basis of record from 1st of January till 31st of December each year. The deadline for these reporting is normally 31st of May each year. This is where we complete all the necessary accounting entries of our clients for the year and create financial reports.

We reconcile our client’s bank accounts, cash, employer & employee taxation, wages, value added tax/sales tax and do a stock take to ensure the accounting is correct before closing the period. We also make any end of the year adjustments that may be required, such as depreciation or any tax adjustments. Our controlling procedure ensure the right quality of our clients year end reporting which eliminates the chances of any kind of accidental entries from others. Our company can call on all kinds of extensions and delay in reporting upon our client’s consent from government and tax authorities.